Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Belated Mother's Day

Happy Belated Mother's Day everyone! Hope you wished all your mom's a happy mother's day and celebrated with her (and him since there are men who take on both roles) well!

My family was quite busy so we didn't really have time to have a proper outting besides having dinner over at my grandma's house to celebrate mother's day but yeah, didn't get to do anything with my mom so I decided to take her out today (Tuesday 14th May 2013).

Mom felt like going to the city to roam around like we usually do so the city it was. We roamed around in the city with only 2-3 hours of sleep since we had to say goodbye to my father who was leaving to overseas for family reasons. 

But yeah, left  the house at around 10.40am and we drove to our local train station to catch the train. UNFORTUNATELY we were behind schedule because for some reason every parking lot was extremely packed, including the pay ones which is extremely rare especially on a weekday as well. We eventually spotted one and zoomed into it haha! Got our train tickets and waited for the train.

We bumped into one of our family friend's daughter who was on her way to university which was great seeing her looking well and hearing her parents are doing well as well. 

Got to Central at around 12pm - 12.10pm and we started trecking towards Chat Thai, the casual authentic Thai restaurant that our family loves. Surprisingly the restaurant wasn't so packed when we got there despite being lunch hours but hey, not complaining so we got our seats instantly :D

We ordered four dishes in total, started off with mhu bhing which was grilled pork skewers which you don't really find in other Thai restaurants because it's one of those casual authentic dishes sold in carts on the streets of Thailand; in otherwords street food. This was delicious as always and actually may even be better than we usually have it because it was really tender and still moist unlike other times due to incoming customers.

For main we ordered kana mhu grob which was under the wok fried section which was chinese kale stir fried with crispy pork belly. Unfortunately this wasn't so great because it was quite salty and also the pork belly was not crispy but rather really tough and dry. So was slightly disappointed but still tasted alright to accompany our fried rice dish.

The fried rice dish we ordered was khao padt bpla khem which was fried rice with salted mackerel. This dish was satisfying since it had a good balance of flavors, though best accompanied with another stir fried dish. Adding a dash of lemon to the rice really did add a nice zest to it. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of this because was too busy eating haha!

Lastly there's dessert which we ordered the coconut ice cream which sounds simple but there's more than to the name. It's a young-coconut based ice cream consisting of sweet sticky rice, and the two scooped ice cream is topped with candied palm seeds and peanuts. Truly is satisfying. Also unfortunate that I didn't take a picture.

After lunch we roamed around from centres to centres to browse at clothes and stationary stores and kitchenware etc etc. We didn't buy anything as we just like to window shop and browse the stores as if it's a museum haha! 

We did stop at Priceline at World Square to look around at the perfume section and the cosmetic section. I tried on some testers on my inner wrist and mom was trying out some foundation on her inner wrist and yeah. 
Once again didn't buy anything :D

Took a break at around 4.30pm and chilled for some coffee and drinks. Ordered mom a cappuccino and got myself a fresh blended juice.

During this chill moment we were deciding whether to eat dinner or not because we were just sooooo full from lunch. Eventually made the decision that we'll go eat dinner at home and have dinner in the city or dinner outting another time.

Before leaving the city, we stopped by at our usual japanese grocery store Maruyu to stock up on japanese grocery and products since alot of the products are hard to find in my area and it's heaps cheaper there.
Pretty much like every other city trip, we always end up going home with groceries LOL!

Bought some panko, frozed mixed vegetables and lotus root slices for hot pot, aburage tofu, japanese mayonnaise, miso pastet, dashi stock powder, and we bought some natto and pickled plum to try. I've tried natto before but had a super bad experience because of the smell, hopefully the experience will be better now that I'm at a more mature age who knows more about food then back then and that I'll mix the seasoning in this time haha!

But yeah, got home safely and relaxed for the rest of the night.
Overall it was a great day, the weather was great despite it was raining in the early morning but it was really nice and sunny when we were out. Except late at night (currently) it suddenly became super cold. More the reason to snuggle up in bed and sleep in!

Until then, stay well and take care!

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