Sunday, 4 August 2013

SMASH convention 2013 coming up!

Hello everyone! Hope you're all doing well!

Next week on the 10th of August 2013, there will be a anime/manga convention in Sydney called "Sydney Manga and Anime Show" also known as "SMASH". Until recently ever since it moved to the new location at the Sydney Exhibition Centre at Darling Harbour, it is known amongst many to be the best anime convention for Sydney
Some of the reasons for this (based on self and some fellow cosplayer's opinions) are:

  • Very lenient with props
  • Open for the general public to enter in the foyer (will require a pass to enter further exhibitions like art vendor etc)
  • Great spacious easy-to-get-to  location that has many utilities and facilities around (as it's in the city)
  • Staffs are generally nice and not pushy. If there's something they need, they say it nicely unlike other conventions where staffs treat you like sh*t.
  • Invites many special guests from Japan such as seiyuus.
  • Has a maid cafe :D
  • Lively atmosphere

and many more of course which I cannot seem to think of at this moment haha!
Unfortunately it is only one day, but I feel that it makes it special that it's a one day event.

Because of this, majority of cosplayers are pumped and save this convention to show their flashiest and best cosplays. HENCE! I've been really motivated and dedicated to make my cosplay for this convention. This year for SMASH, I'll be cosplaying "Rei Ryugazaki" from the new anime "FREE Iwatobi swim club". I'll be doing the ending desert arabian version:

I honestly had no cosplay plans for SMASH this year despite it being the best convention for me and originally I was considering doing "Noiz" from the boy's love (BL) game "Dramatical Murder (DMMD)", BUT after being in the fandom for "FREE!" lately and loving the ending song "SPLASH FREE", I just really wanted to do Rei cos his design is just awesome and he's one of my favorite characters in the series.
The only thing that was concerning was revealing my body since I'm still quite shy and conscious about it since I have no build BUT I decided to use this as motivation to work out and stay fit. Honestly to say that "FREE" has made me more motivated to be in shape >D

For once I am cosplaying a character I enjoy and an anime that I watch since most of the time I cosplay characters based on their design and I do my usual research and watch the series a little to follow up on the characters personality but yeah, just wouldn't be my favorite characters. I know it sounds bad but honest truth that I usually cosplay characters or choose to cosplay that character without following up the series. I follow up after I decided to cosplay it haha!

Anyway if you've been following me on Facebook or Instagram, I've been posting some progress pictures. Not alot but there are some since I didn't really want to reveal what I was going to cosplay but yeah, the base costume for Rei is all done and revealed.  :D

There were alot of planning and frustrations during making the costume of a period of a week (a piece a day) as the costumes have some details at the same time some of the details aren't so clear in reference pictures. So had to wing and make up somethings like the necklace and the back view. Overall I'm quite happy with the costume being put together and super thanks to my mom for taking over at some point such as making the top when I was about to tear everything apart due to frustration of doing the yellow detail :(
Rei's belt and cords to tie the belt together. Held together by the cord, no velcro or pins. Will probably have to pin on the day.
Top finished another day. Some details aren't made correctly due to not realising how it was in the reference pictures. Yellow and red detail on the join of shoulders and arms really frustrated me because it kept getting snagged.
Made the hat and the red hip wrap which looks like underwear. Hat consists of a large cylinder that fits the head, is then wrapped with red cloth in a similar turban style. 

Camel and dark brown pleather/soft vinyl. Unfortunately didn't have the brown I wanted to use for the water-sack so was left with these two to decide. Asked friends for their preference and majority said dark brown :)

The finished water-sack which also acts as a bag to carry my phone and keys. Added a zipper closure to the back. Super frustrating because hot glue and synthetic leather just doesn't do justice. Eyelets were did so poorly as made this at night and had to hammer the eyelets quietly. Sliced my finger while cutting, so painful T_T Bottle cap from contact lens solution which was perfect :D Overall quite happy even though it looks quite bad in person ;O
Went to daiso and bought a couple of things to complete the costume such as long black gloves, thin brown leather belt and bangles. Also added details onto the shoes using white and glitter vinyl.

Overall the base costume is done, just gotta trim the wig and finish off making the musket that Rei had with him and I'm done. So here's a video that I uploaded on instagram that shows how the finishing product looks :

I'm quite happy with the finishing product so I'm very excited for SMASH. Besides being excited for just the convention itself and cosplaying, I'm also excited for the "Vocaloid Night 2013" event which takes place at the Pontoon bar after the convention on the same day which has my favorite vocaloid producers "8#Prince" and "Livetune". And of course I can't wait to see friends and meet new people and see everyone else's cosplay! Going to be a crazy hectic day and all will be worth it. I guess I'd call this day a treat for my birthday since my birthday is the day before the convention and I rarely do anything so this will be good :D

Anyway that's it for today's post. I'll try keep things updated!
Until then, stay well and take care!


  1. Wow! I came across your blog by chance today, and I gotta say...That costume is super awesome! How long did that take you?
    I'm also going excited! It's my first time cosplaying so I'm nervous too. I wish I could make my own stuff like you! You're very talented :) I'd love to follow your instagram too :p

    1. Hello! Thank you so much! All the time put together would be around 1 week :DD
      A piece a day ^_^)v
      ooh! I'm sure you'll enjoy it!
      Thank you so much :D
      Pls feel free to say hi :DDD

  2. Only one week? You make it look soo easy ><
    I'm totally going to keep an eye out for you at the event. I'll be the random that comes up to you and says 'hey, I commented on your blog' lol

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  4. OMGGGGGGG!!!! I remembered you DANNY!!!(at smash) and I even took a picture of you(with weird pose and stuff...)!!! TAT why didn't i realise it was Danny-san.....I could get your autographs that time....

  5. I seriously love your blog! Could you continue your Outfit of the Day sometime? I adore your sense of fashion.