Thursday, 27 November 2014

Relaxing afternoon : Shu Uemura's Shupette opinion + lunch with Inugami + Michelle Phan's book

Good evening everyone!
Hope you're all doing well!

This afternoon Inugami cos and I decided to meet up and have a late lunch and have some dessert and chill at a cafe. What we called "sibling date" because we cosplayed the siblings from Kyoukai no Kanata where I was Hiroomi Nase and she was Mitsuki Nase and so we're pretty much known as the siblings being gross to each other.

ANYWAY! College finished early today for me since it's the last week and so I decided to catch the train and head to the city early. 

Got to the city around 1pm and because I was 2 hours early, decided to browse around the city since it's been a while that I've been to the city to browse. 

Walked mainly towards the Westfields area and had a look around what's new. Definitely seeing the Christmas spirit coming strong with the decorations and tree all set up and with shops having christmas specials (especially the cosmetic counters)

Speaking of cosmetic counters- I did drop by Shu Uemura's counter in David Jones and OH MY GOD- they finally stocked in the Shupette collection

Apparently it was stocked for 2 weeks now with their limited extravagant lashes all sold out since they only stocked 7 in Sydney. I don't even know why 7 considering last year's 6 Heart Princess stocked in 10 of their extravagant black princess feather lashes per store in Sydney (so 20 in total). 

ANYWAY rant aside - I did have a play with some of the products and I am very extremely tempted for the 3 glitter set. I should've taken pictures when the sales assistant asked me to but rather than glitter - it was more like loose shimmer pigments which was gorgeous. 3 bottles of different glitter colors for $65 AUD. So around $22 per bottle which I thought was quite reasonable considering it's a limited collection and the amount is pretty standard with what you get from La Femme or Mehrons which cost around $18. So I might come back to get that. 

Speaking of lashes earlier - they did have the limited edition top and bottom lashes which costed $35 which consist of a pair of 3 individual triangle top lashes and 3 individual triangle bottom lashes. The design is super cute that can be easily worn out to spice your look up both edgy and cute. Very tempted.

Another thing that really interested me was the cushion blush which came in two colors - pink and coral. The pink one stood out to me more as the coral was more on the tangerine orange side which isn't really my forte kind of colour (even though I don't wear blush almost at all but for people wise). I can't remember the exact price for one of it but I remember it ranged from $35 - $45 AUD. I'm not use to buying blushes with a price like that so for me personally it is on the higher side, but much tempted.

Last but not least is the cleansing oil. Shu Uemura does amazing cleansing oil removing makeup and hydrating your voice without that super greasy feeling that you would get from extra virgin olive oil or with some other cleansing oils. It's the same usual formula as their original just with a limited Shupette bottle aka there's the cat on it. $135 for the large bottle and there's a cat on it. Pretty reasonable.

There was a special that if you purchase 3 items from the Shupette collection you get the rectangular flat makeup bag with one of the side was super fluffy. I guess you could use it to clean your phone or tablet screen HAHAHA
The other was purchase 4 items and get a makeup bag which was more cylindrical but IT CAME WITH A POMPOM WHICH I WANT. OMG THE POMPOM QAQ. *calm down* yeah. 

So in saying the above - I may come back after I get my pay and after the Sephora launch on December 5th and may purchase something from the Shupette collection. *eyezooms that pompom*

Moving along, I did drop by Uniqlo and I have to say that I am really impressed compared to the pop up store. I felt the pop up store lacked alot but then again it's a pop up store for a reason (duh Danny). But when I say lacking - it just felt like things were overpriced to when I was in Japan. But hey this is Australia so can't be helped :( 

But yeah! I was quite amazed how big and organised the store was as it legit felt like I was in Japan's Uniqlo and the prices were quite reasonable such as men's all-purpose shorts being $10.00, men's cashmere v-neck sweater $30 (quality was really nice and light), and tailored slim fit busines pants $50.00. Sorry ladies - I only went to the men's section :O I will definitely drop by again and purchase things :D 

THE ONLY THING I WAS EYEZOOMING WAS THE DISPLAY MANNEQUINS. Australia is approaching- wait no, it's summer at the moment so it's been EXTREMELY hot lately with average of 38-40 degrees celsius weather. YET Uniqlo presents these mannequins that's dressed as if it was fall or winter! As if I'm going to layer a puffer jacket on a long sleeve checkered dress shirt paired with slim denim jeans. TOO HOT. I understand it's just suggestion to style but ITS TOO HOT, looking at it makes me sweat :O! LMAO

ANYWAY- killed time for an hour and had an hour left so decided to find somewhere a powerpoint was available and I can chill for an hour to charge for my phone. So I stopped by Tom n Toms cafe in Townhall, ordered a mint mocha ice blend and chilled for an hour until Inugami came (she had college till 3). Thank goodness for powerpoint being available because my phone charged from 15% to 65%. PHEW*

Met up with the retarded  Inugami and we made our way to Ramen-kan situated across the entertainment centre near Chinatown and Market City. Inu ordered tonkotsu ramen while I got the terriyaki hamburg with sashimi bentou set, with a salmon sashimi side for Inugami since she was craving salmon (this imouto).
Lunch was super yummy and very filling :D

After that we made our way to Tom n Toms cafe on George Street near Capitol Theatre to have dessert :D We ordered green tea latte blended ice and honey butter toast which was like the honey brick toast you get in cafes in Korea. Both was super good and complimented well.

That's all I really have to say about eating LOL! Was just super good having food. :D
Hilarious thing though THAT I'M NOT GOING TO FORGOT.  When our order at Tom n Toms was ready, I offered to carry the tray with our drinks and food down to our seats (since we say downstairs) and she offered to hold her phone and my phone which I was holding.  As soon as I bring the tray and start walking down the stairs - the genius drops both phones LOL! IMAGINE SHE WAS HOLDING THE TRAY. Aiyohhhhhh LMAO.

So that was the highlight of the day.

My friend Sera finished work and dropped by the cafe and met up with us to chill before we head home together. Sera had collected the book that she bought for me and gave it to me too QAQ <3

It was Michelle Phan's book that I've been searching everywhere online to ship it to Australia. Because I went on Michelle's website and she stated that her book is located internationally and I didn't see Australia being on the list so I was quite upset. Searched on Amazon in the states only to find that they don't ship to Australia. EVEN MORE DISAPPOINTING. AND THEN SERA TELLS ME THAT KINOKUNIYA STOCKS THEM. Oh my god ....... I do not even. LOL!

So yeah! I've been pretty occupied with the book and already have read 1/3 of the book. 

So far I am really enjoying the book as it is very inspiring to know Michelle's background and how she started off. It's also an amazing guide to life despite the book titled "Make Up". It consists of guides for makeup, skincare, styling tips, career, goals, overcoming difficulties. I have learnt alot even though I'm only 1/3 into the book as mentioned earlier and only reached the first segment of the makeup section. So I do hope to read more into it and just throw a quick thankyou to Michelle for putting this book together and sharing her background story and knowledge. Also super thanks to my friend Sera for getting me it <3 QURL I OWE YOU.

And that's pretty much it for today really, sorry that there's massive lack of image and huge amount of boring text. Will do my best to take more pictures.

Until then, stay well & take care!

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