Monday, 8 September 2014

Birthday brunch with my cousin at Paper plane & Three Ropes Espresso

Good evening everyone!
Long time no blog! again LOL 

I'm gonna start blogging again but hope you guys don't mind me going all over the place with dates >_<; But I just really wanted to get back into blogging the events that happened since I have been taking my camera everywhere.

SO onto the excuse of me not blogging haha! It's been a busy time for me since I last blogged since there were cosplays to work on for conventions along with me starting college doing a retail makeup & skincare course. ALSO! I started working as a casual position at this company which I wish to not disclose. Just a special shout out to my friend Kaiya for really giving me this opportunity because I cannot thank her enough <3 I OWE YOU.

I will make another entry about my college work and all since it is pretty fun but I'll leave it to another blogpost.

So my cousin took me out to have brunch with her on Monday the 11th August 2014 as a belated birthday celebration since my birthday was on a weekend and she works and also that I had a convention during that weekend. 

We usually have brunch together around once a month at the usual place at Circa Espresso at Parramatta because we just love the food there and the atmosphere.

And so we thought we'd go to the usual cafe BUT as we drove there - we realised it was closed. We legit forgot that it is closed on Monday and only realised that last week (September). It was hilarious because we kept complaining "WHY ARE YOU CLOSED?! WHATS THE OCCASION!?" But yeah.

Luckily my cousin is a foodie girl so she researches and knows some of the places around for us to try or go eat. So she suggested this other cafe we've never been before called "Paper Plane"

It's a nice cosy cafe that has a very homey atmosphere with your wooden floors and tables and green potted plants, actually now that I think about it - it feels like IKEA LOL. It was actually great for the weather we went since the weather was on the cold gloomy side but as soon as you walk into the cafe - it feels like you're outdoor for spring minus the flowers haha!

We ordered our drinks - my cousin with her strong shot of coffee to keep her going and me with the usual healing tea which has lemongrass and ginger. Great hot drinks to keep us warm from the cold gloomy weather >_<;

For the food part - I ordered what's called the "Tiny Dancer" which consisted poached eggs, smoked salmon, capers, avocado, sauteed spinach, tomatoes, asparagus, bocconcini with slices of toasted bread and hollandaise sauce. I guess you could say this is like your "eggs benedict" minus the potato mash and bacon/ham ^_^

I can't quite remember what the actual name of the dish my cousin ordered but it looks like a more advanced version of your typical "Big Breakfast".  Consisting of a generous amount of sliced chorizo sausage (probably two sausage sliced up), bacon, baked eggs suny side up, hashbrown, sauteed mushrooms, tomatoes, mini rocket salad with a thick balsamic dressing served with slices of toasted bread.

You could probably see that my cousin is more of the meat-eater type of person compared to me who is more of your veggo type of guy haha. Overall the meal was delicious and legit could barely finished because the serving was actually quite large, serving it on the large wooden chopping board.

We did ask for a dessert menu but there didn't seem much besides your muffin and banana bread SO we decided to go elsewhere to sit and enjoy abit of sweets with some hot drinks.

Because Circa Espresso was closed - we decided to give their other store a go called "Three Ropes Espresso". I have to say it was funny driving there because at first I drove the wrong way and then I missed the turn so we ended up technically going around almost twice LOL!

"Three Ropes Espresso" cafe was a nice tiny cafe that's mainly for on the go serving their drinks from their side window in the graffiti alleyway. Artistic as ever like their other cafe but this more of POP art than vintage.

Couldn't decide if we wanted to sit inside or outside since it was SUPER cold and windy but turns out sitting inside was really cold since it was right next to the door where the wind blew in even more! And also it was awkward because the tables were situated DIRECTLY behind where the kitchen was so .. it just felt like I was intruding them SO we sat outside in the blocks and chairs provided and surprisingly sitting outside wasn't as cold.

Ordered out coffee- cousin ordered a short  black which was accidentally made into a long black which she was completely fine with and me with my skinny flat white. 

For sweets we ordered the chocolate tart and the blueberry ricotta muffin. We always get the chocolate tart which was the same as Circa Espresso because it's just so decadent. Crumbly chocolate shortbread base with a rich dark chocolate filling dusted with generous amount of cocoa powder. And it was generous because I could legit blow it off like pixie dust haha! 
For the blueberry ricotta muffin, mmmm it was okay I guess. We don't usually get muffins at cafe because well, they're just muffins to us. Not much of a wow factor but in this case, it was eithier the muffin or the brownie which we didn't want two chocolate desserts.

In all honesty- we thought they would have the almond crossaint which is SOOOO delicious at Circa Espresso. I don't even know why or what's so good about it but the croissant is served chilled and for some reason it's just really good. Pretty much our favorite. (I'll show you next week since I'm having brunch again :D)

pardon my terrible selfy skills where I'm not focussed which is okay LOL
Overall we had a satisfying finish to our brunch and just headed home.
Super thanks to my cousin for taking me out for my birthday brunch! I owe you (next week) haha!

Thank you for stopping by,
until then - stay well & take care!


  1. ;;u;; danny, all these posts make me hungry--- *on a diet* o<-<

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like you had a really wonderful brunch, the food looks so good ♥_♥
    Especially that chocolate tart! Btw Congratulations on getting a job too :))
    Btw it's preee awesome that we're both from Sydney too ^_^~