Thursday 22 May 2014

[CONTACT LENS REVIEW] ColourVue Crazy lens - Cheshire cat (blue cat lens)

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Back for another photo heavy contact lens review.

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Today's review will be blue cat contact lens called the Cheshire cat by ColourVue Crazy Lens series.

These lenses retail for $24.99 USD at

Here are some details about the lens : 
  • Diameter (DIA) : 14.0 MM
  • Base Curve (B.C) : 8.6mm
  • Water Content : 45% (I've heard they're 38% but packaging by colorvue states 45%)
  • 3 month expiry 
  • Comes in only one prescription of plano 0.00 
  • This series comes in Blue. Same/similar cat designs available in other colors with different names - Viper (White), Anaconda (green), Cat eye (yellow), Cheshire Cat (blue), Dragon Eyes (either red green white with yellow),  etc.

The color payoff is quite amazing. In natural light and dim area, it stands out quite well but not to the extent that WOAH YOUR EYES IS FREAKY
Despite the color looking very dense - it isn't as vibrant as I expected. But overall I'm not disappointed at all.
Pattern of the lens is amazing too. It's one of those super fun lens to give your eyes a whole different effect- in this case, blue cat eyes. 

No lens vs Lens comparison. Click to enlarge
Pattern is simple cat eyes which leads to the problem of the lens rotating- making it lop sided, so you'll end up one side with a horizontal eye while the other is vertical for one instance. 

BUT surprisingly this occurs VERY rarely because for some reason once you put the lens in- it repositions itself everytime you blink. 
So for example- you put your lens in and it's the right way (vertical oval), after a couple of blinks it'll rotate itself and adjust to do half a rotation until it's vertical again and then it'll stay without sliding. I don't know what it is or maybe the way it's specifically shaped but yeah. 
The pattern DOES stand out and you can see the cat eye pattern clearly but not ridiculously instantly noticeable if someone passes by. Overall color and pattern - I am quite impressed.

There IS one thing of the pattern I have to note as with most of these crazy lens is that it may hinder abit of your vision because of the circle where your pupil see's through may be smaller than your actual pupil. So sometimes you'll be seeing abit of the lens but this happens sometimes, usually when you move.

Pretty much no enlarging effect whatsoever. The lens design has a solid color without a limbal ring. But I don't think these lens are for the enlarging purposes :)

Comfort wise is a mixed feeling. Reason I say this is despite stating that the base curve is the standard 8.6mm, it feels more deeper. Which doesn't really hinder much because this feeling can be caused by a couple of factors as follows.
The lens is definitely harder than of your other circle lenses and does feel a tad heavy. By heavy - I mean that you know you're wearing lens or there is something in your eye. But it doesn't strain on your eye so that's a good thing.
Hydration wise - average. After the 2-3rd hour of wearing, my eyes started getting dry and slightly heavy. Because the lens is quite solid- it doesn't really let the eyes breathe so freely despite being made of hydrogel material which supposingly doesn't dry the eyes.
As mentioned earlier in the pattern - you do see the lens abit which gives you this sudden trippy feel. 
Overall it's not so bad, on par with average.

Color : 4 / 5
Enlarging : 0-0.5 / 5
Comfort : 3 / 5
Price : 2.5 / 5

I would recommend the lens IF you're looking for some fun cat eye lens where you need it and you'll probably be making some use of it.  They're super fun and does achieve the blue cat eye look. Considering I think this is the only series I know that does blue cat eyes.
Otherwise if you're planning to not wear it often (especially on a budget like me QAQ) then probably not considering you're paying around $25 USD for lens that you won't wear much and you're gonna have to throw it away after 3 months of use. And also where the comfort is not the best, yeahhh you get my drift ;).

cosplay makeup test for Uroko-sama from Nagi no Asukara using cheshire cat lens

If you're looking to purchase these- they're available HERE at

Thank you so much for reading, hopefully it was somewhat useful!
Please comment below on your thoughts as well! *^*)/
Until then, stay well & take care!

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